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Identities: The Documentary Series

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:51

Identities: The Documentary Series, is a six-part series commissioned by the Maytree Foundation. This series celebrates the stories and accomplishments of seven musicians who immigrated to, or sought refuge in, Canada.

Narrated by the acclaimed vocalist and actress Jackie Richardson, Identities: The Documentary Series chronicles the lives and careers of remarkable musicians from around the world whose search for their identities was challenged as a result of their decision to leave their homes and move to Canada.

The seven musicians featured in the series are: Robi Botos, a Hungarian pianist living in Toronto; Sophie Milman, a vocalist of Isreali and Russian descent based in Toronto; Qiu Xia He, a Chinese Pipa player living in Vancouver; Waleed Abdulhamid, a Sudanese multi-instrumentalist living in Toronto; Anwar Khurshid, a Pakistani sitar player living in Toronto; Roberto Lopez, a Colombian guitarist living in Montreal; and Ivan Tucakov, a Serbian guitarist based in Vancouver.

The documentaries were written and produced by Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrath, who have produced a number of award-winning documentaries and films. Ross Porter, CEO and President of JAZZ.FM91 was the creator and Executive Producer of the series.

To check out these fascinating documentaries, CLICK HERE.

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