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The Artisty Of ... Bobby McFerrin

The Artisty Of ... Bobby McFerrin He’s the, ‘how does he do that stuff he does’, man. That voice is energized like something shot out of a vocal excitement canon and then when he has you all stirred up he can be as equally, wonderfully gentle, soft, and as intimately inspiring as a warm embrace. How about this? – I would step out on a limb and say the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. spectacularly did with his feet what McFerrin does with his gymnastic voice. If you’re close to tiring of the pervasive need to describe someone as genre defying in an art form that stands on its collective own, let McFerrin’s agility reinvent the concept. Let his artistry reinvent it in a way that is as freshly inventive as it is unique. His label, Blue Note, excitedly describes him this way - and it is definitive: his octave-jumping trademark style, with its rhythmic inhalations and stop-on-a-dime shifts from falsetto to deep bass notes often sounds like the work of at least two or three singers at once, while at the same time sounding quite unlike anyone else. That’d be ‘cause he’s sounding like  Bobby McFerrin.

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